Garden Office Heating

Garden Office Heating

A garden office can be a fantastic place for your home office. It’s away form your house, kids and disturbances! It can be a fantastic place to boost your produictivity, particularly when you need to get your head down away from the distractions in your workplace. 

However, because they are not part of your house, they can be problematic to heat in the winter and get too hot in the summer! This also makes it difficult to add gas powered central heating and its not normally practical to run hot water pipes across your garden. 

Most people are not aware that air conditoning units can also heat your office. This avoids having to add additional heaters so that one compact unit can provide climate control for your garden office. A recent study also showed that air conditioning units are cheaper to run than almost any other form of heating, so they not only keep you comfortable, but won’t stress your wallet. 

With over 20 years experience , we understand every garden office installation scenario and can provide advice on the perfect heating or air conditioning unit installation for your home. We can provide a free of charge installation surveys to assess your requirements. With many companies having commercial and industrial type customers you may find they are not suited to this niche domestic market , which requires precision and skill to achieve a very high standard of installation your Garden office deserves . We are fully insured to cover any Domestic, garden and residential buildings. You may find Aircon4home offer more competitive pricing than the large commercial type air conditioning companies.

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Great job done in three bedrooms. Didn’t even need to redecorate, brilliant.

Unit installation was excellent, very tidy and engineers went above and beyond to work with restrictions of the property

No mess, no fuss, just very efficient workers. They also programmed my remote control with my internet in double quick time. I highly recommend this company.

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